Body Paint & Art by Tom Johnson / TJ

Body Painting


Body Paint by TJBody Paint by TJ

Painting on a bikini, top, shorts, etc           

 Acrylic & Latex   $220

 Latex   $315


Full body paint, one color with little or no other details and/or colors.

 Acrylic & Latex   $420

 Latex   $575

Full Body Paint (few details)

Painting on a bikini, top, shorts, etc, but with the addition of more elaborate details, shadows, etc.

 Acrylic & Latex   $420

 Latex   $575

Partial with details

Full body paint, multiple colors with colored details.

 Acrylic & Latex   $600

Full Body Paint with details

Acrylic   $360

 Latex   $700

Other Services
Face Painting (included in Full Body Paint)
$99 to $199 Bring us an idea! We'll paint it on you. Dayo Face paintingBody Paint CatBody Paint




We recommend that you arrive shaved in areas to be painted. However, if you can't:

Body Paint by TJ

Small Area: $50

Large Area: $100-$150





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